How We Uber to Festivals

Okay guys so this post is going to be about getting around to festivals which is especially important this time of year! So what you can do is get the Uber app which is super easy to use! You will just type in your current location and where you want to go and pick the best option for getting you there, which shouldn’t be too hard because there’s a lot to choose from!

Here’s some options:

UberX- this one is good if your looking for a low cost for any type of occasion!

UberPOOL- this is where you can share your ride with others going to the same location as you, you can also share the cost so it’s cheaper for everyone!

Family Profiles- this option allows up to 10 riders who all want to share the same payment method so this is ideal if your going with your family!

we found that UberX was the best option for our weekend! You can Access that from this link

you can use our code: sarahb46361ue

Something awesome that Uber also offers is Split Fare, which allows you to divide a trip cost between you and your friends account so you all have equal costs! You can also send a text message through the app with a link to your trip so that your friends and family can follow your journey! You can learn all about that through this link

Now we’re going to tell you about our experience with Uber and festival season! We found that Uber was much easier when getting around because they know where they’re going more than you, and know the best route to get there, and are extremely reliable on helping you get there safely! It’s also not so expensive, and made our weekend a whole lot more relaxing because you don’t have to worry about where your going and how to get there! They all offered charging accommodations for our phones, and would always check the car before we left to make sure we didn’t leave anything behind. One of our Uber rides was to a beautiful restaurant in the Grove called Laduree, which was AMAZING, when we got back we had left some things in the car and our driver was nice enough to turn around and give it back to us! The next morning we went to breakfast at a wonderful place called the Larchmont Bungalow (would totally recommend). While driving out to Palm Springs we got to stop several times in different locations to get pictures at the windmills and beautiful mountains in Palm Springs. On the way to the festival our driver was very suggestive of things to do in the festival and told us about the bike rides into the event which was great because we didn’t have to walk far in the heat. On our last day in Palm Springs our driver arrived early enough so that we could go out and go to the local mountains to get a better perspective for pictures early that morning as the sunrise came up. Once we got back to LA we stayed in the Omni Hotel in Los Angeles. Later that night we took an Uber over to Santa Monica Pier, which is somewhere we’ve always wanted to go, and it was seriously such a great experience. Other places we recommend are the Venice Boardwalk and Manhattan Beach! Lastly, we actually used Uber to pick us up from the airport this past weekend and we’re so glad they did because everyone knows how confusing and hectic airports can be, you can go to this link to find out more about riding Uber at LAX  here Honestly would 100% recommend this as your way of getting from place to place during festivals, also because traffic can be horrible at this time, and it’s just so simple! You can visit Uber’s home page through this link
Hope this helped anyone who is going or planning to go to a festival anytime soon!

thanks Uber for sponsoring this post!


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