Coachella 2017

First of all, HUGE thanks to Teva for brining us to Coachella Valley Music Festival this year! We are so excited to tell you guys  about our first Coachella experience ever! It was so much fun, the road trip to Plam Springs was probably one of our favorites because the mountains and everything are so beautiful and makes for perfect photos! The first day in Palm Springs and getting to the festival was probably the craziest just because of getting there and knowing where to go and what to do! Literally on the way out the first day it took us like an hour to find the exit, but everything worked its way out! The second and third day were a lot less stressful!

Okay, so we’re going to start by giving you guys some important tips, first of all, on the way in the walk is really long, we had VIP so it wasn’t as long for us, but it’s hot and it is a long walk. They have people who ride bikes back and forth to the entrance, which is what we took everyday it’s about $10-$15 a person so it could get a little expensive. If you plan on walking we would for sure recommend brining a comfy pair of shoes! What we wore the whole time we’re super cute and comfortable sandals from Teva SERIOUSLY GET SOME BECAUSE ITS SO WORTH IT. Your going to be doing a lot of walking and they really help keep your feet happy and cooled off! And they pair really good with any outfit! Another thing would be to drink a lot of water because you will be dancing around in the heat all day and it’s the desert so it’s pretty hot! If you have VIP you will have great little shaded areas and restrooms!  But overall it was such a good experience, the performances were amazing and the food was great because they had a ton of options!

♡A few extras things ♡

What we packed each day:

•Teva Sandals- here’s the ones we wore throughout the weekend:

Original Universal Day One

Flatform Universal Day Two

Original Universal Premier Day Three

•Polaroid camera, or any type of camera so you can capture all your memories!

•Bandanas (because it is dusty)


•Refillable water bottle

•Portable Charger (IMPORTANT)



•A hat

•Spray bottle or a fan!

•And of course your wristband

•A backpack to carry all of these things!

Favorite foods to eat at the festival:

•The fruit stands! Our favorite was the coconuts because coconut water is obviously amazing.

•Van Leeuwen Ice cream

•Backyard Bowls has really good acai bowls

•Erven, which is like a plant based place


Of course there’s a lot but that’s some of our faves!

Everything about it was great! We had a ton of fun and would definitely go back again! Hope you guys enjoyed reading this! Here’s a few more photos and outfits from the weekend, enjoy!

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Lack of Color Hat

Striped Two Piece Set

Embroidered Wide Sleeve Top

ASOS Denim Shorts

Teva Orignial Universal Sandal

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Lack of Color Hat

Miss Stella Set

Sundown Skirt Set

Teva Flatform Universal Sandal

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Lack of Color Hat

Roadtrippin’ Romper

Island Time Top

ASOS Denim Shorts

Teva Original Universal Premier Sandal


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