Caribbean Experience- Ocho Rios + Grand Cayman

On our Carnival Cruise we went to Ocho Rios and Grand Cayman they were both seriously so beautiful and we had so much fun! Overall The Caribbean experience was one we will never forget. The locals of both islands were so kind to us. They welcomed us everywhere we went. There seemed to always be someone that would ask if there was anything we needed or even just how we were doing.
Each time we pulled into a port it seemed prettier than our last. The water was so clear and the greens were so lovely. The mountains on the islands seemed to rise up from the ocean, it was wonderful. The islands were so much more inviting than our city with miles of cement highways. The culture of The Caribbean is so stress free and laid back we could seriously stay forever! The entire Caribbean is loaded with photo opportunities at every turn, from waters filled with marine life, to a local environment that works well with any nature lover. All we can say wrapping up is we can not wait to return to any of the many gorgeous destinations the Carribbean has to offer.




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