Room Makeover!

Hey everyone! So as most of you know from some of our recent Instagram posts we just got new furniture and could not be more excited about it. Everything is from and honestly guys this is one of our favorite furniture companies that we’ve ever come across! We are obsessed with all of our items, one of our favorite items is the Dallin Sectional, we’ve been trying to find a couch like this for a while now because we just love the design and color of it! Another one of our favorite things would definitely be the Hillary Rug it just made the whole room look so much more spacious and look how cute the pattern is! You guys can shop all the lovely furniture in these pictures and a few more fun items that go with this aesthetic by using the link

If these things aren’t your style or your just looking for something else maybe not for your living room this store has SO MANY options for different looks! we love everything about their whole store because its all so well put together and its all just so pretty! we have been looking for furniture like this for so long and were so excited that we came across 4 chairs and would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for furniture! Hope you guys enjoyed this post! Happy decorating!



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  1. Juanita
    February 26, 2018 / 3:01 am

    OMG! I love your house, you guys are soo pretty, I would like to know how do you edit your pictures? ♡
    Thanks for answering, btw I have a twin to our instagram is: juanitaandvalentina.

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