Hello friends! We are so excited about this post, we will be sharing all about our festival trip to Chicago, Illinois! Okay, so we want to start by saying thank you so so much to Teva who made this whole dream trip become a reality, we had an unreal amount of fun and hope to get the chance to come back here soon!


Day 1: The first day of trips is actually always our favorite, just because of how new and exciting everything is! We took this day to unpack all of our things and walk around all the places by our hotel and really take in this exciting city! Also if you guys didn’t know we went on this trip with our best friend, Spencer, who fell in love with Chicago just as fast as we did! It was really exciting to travel with him and get to share this whole experience with a friend!


Day 2: The next morning we all got up around 7:00am, which is always hard but well worth it! We stepped out of our hotel and walked around everywhere you could name to take pictures! We took photos at almost every crosswalk and street corner! When we wrapped up all of the picture taking we went out to lunch at the most adorable restaurant called Ema, if you ever get the chance to go to Chicago we definitely recommend it, they had the best hummus and pita bread, plus the most fresh salad and veggies! After lunch we decided to venture out of our hotel area and went over to Navy Pier! The pier had so much to do from gift shops, swings, food and of course a huge ferris wheel! We went around and took photos at the pier for a few hours, then went back to get changed for one more shoot for the day around our hotel and all the cute buildings!


Day 3: First day of the festival! This day was so exciting and also one of our favorites! We woke up that morning and took as many pictures as we could around Chicago, we then came back to get dressed and go out for some lunch! After lunch it was time to get all dressed up for the music festival! We went back to our hotel and spent about two hours trying on outfits and packing up to go! Now it was time to go and we were all so excited, as soon as we got there we headed over to the Teva outpost where we finally got to meet the sweetest people who help run Teva, it was amazing to see all of their smiling faces in person! After meeting everyone we went around to explore the festival and listen to all of the wonderful bands playing! We were most excited that day to just hear all different types of music and find new artist that we never heard before, it really was a great time! To end the day we went out for coffee, edited some pictures and relaxed from our long day!


Day 4: This day meant the festival was half over, but we didn’t let that slow us down! We started our day by going out for breakfast at one of our favorite restaurants we had eaten at the whole trip, Chicago Diner, the whole menu was vegetarian/vegan and they had the best cinnamon rolls we have ever had! After breakfast we headed straight over to the festival to really soak up day two! We went over to the Teva Outpost when we got there and had a videographer take multiple videos of us walking around, exploring the bus, listening to music and just hanging out! We have never done something like that before so this was a super cool opportunity that Teva made possible! After we made some videos we listened to music and made some of the best memories! 


Day 5: Off to the last day of the festival! We woke up that morning and it was pouring rain, but we didn’t want to just sit around inside on our last day, so of course we walked around the city in the rain and honestly it was so full of laughs and happiness, it was the perfect way to start our last day! When the rain walk was over we were all ready to go out for our last festival day. When we got to the festival we got the chance to takeover Tevas Instagram stories for the day, which was so cool and so much fun! We made videos and took pictures of all the exciting things we did that day and got to share it with everyone else who loves Teva! After the takeover was done we sat down and had early dinner at the festival! We got food from the Chicago Diner stand, we had black bean burgers and waffle fries which obviously tasted so amazing! We then looked around all the cute little shops the festival had to offer! Overall we had the best last day we could have asked for and loved every single part of this whole trip!


Day 6: This day we were headed off to the airport but before we left we went to Millennium Park and saw all of the amazing sculptures and, The Bean! We have seriously wanted to go see this for so long and now it’s finally checked off the bucket list! It was a pretty good way to say goodbye to Chicago!

Once again, thank you so much Teva for making this trip possible! We had the best time and hope to see Chicago again soon!

Teva styles we wore this week:

Original Universal

Midform Universal Geometric

Terra-Float 2 Knit Universal

Indio Whip

Original Universal Sun & Moon (these are sold out right now but we will put the link for you guys when they are back in stock!)

Thank you guys for reading! Hope you enjoyed this post! xoxo











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