neighborhood walks with sézane

hello, happy spring! this week the weather has been so pretty, so we spent a lot of the week walking around outside in some nearby neighborhoods! the weather was seriously perfect, right in between not too cold and not too warm, so it was so great for light sweaters! we recently were lucky enough to be gifted some of the most beautiful sweaters & tops from sézane! all of these we wore throughout the week could not be better for the weather warming up, also they have the prettiest patterns and detail! a lot of the times it’s difficult to find things not too bulky or thick for weather that’s so half & half but all these were the perfect balance! we also got this adorable purse which has the cutest beaded strap and it’s almost like a bucket shape which we have never seen before and are so in love, so if you’re looking for a bag to hold things like lipsticks, makeup or any other things that make you happy, this is absolutely one of our favorites!

all of our looks from this week will be linked, hope you all enjoy this post, thank you for reading! xoxo


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yvette jumper

emma blouse

heritage mona bag

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clement jumper

isaac jumper



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