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hello friends, we have recently been getting lots of questions of products we use on our skin/skin care routine so in this post we’re going to share with you our favorite skin care products and what we use them for! everyone’s skin is different so this is just what we use, we get acne/ have discolored skin, but these products have helped with that a lot! our skin is far from prefect but we’re always trying to improve it! we hope this is helpful!


the first step is washing our faces, we use ráya gentle cleansing gel, this face wash works so well on sensitive skin! it always leaves our skin feeling super fresh and also not too dried out!

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after we wash our faces we use bobbi brown extra treatment lotion, this is used to moisturize/smooth our skin before applying makeup of any other products! this is definitely our favorite toner at the moment!

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next, moisturize, we try to use natural products on our skin so to moisturize we use viva naturals jojaba oil, this one is our favorite oils to use on our face just because it stays on so good and keeps our faces soft and smooth without a super heavy amount of oil!

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another oil we love is bobbi brown extra face oil, this one is a little bit stronger so we mostly use this when our skin is super dry but we don’t use this one as often!

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and lastly, we just recently found this face mask and we are so in love with it! it’s a superfood reset mask by youth to the people and it leaves your skin so so soft and refreshed! its main ingredients are spirulina, microalgae, kale, and spinach, which provide so many antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to your skin! it’s perfect if you’re looking for a boost to dull skin!

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we hope this post was helpful! again everyone has different skin this is just some of the things that have helped us a lot! thank you for reading! xoxo


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