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Hello! we just recently went to LA for a week, and we wanted to share all about our trip with you guys! to give you some details on our trip, we went down there to go to different meetings and showrooms for brands! we have never done something like that before so overall the experience was new and exciting and we are so grateful to all the wonderful people we got to meet and who had us come in! also so grateful for our management God and Beauty and our wonderful manager, Kyle Hjelmeseth for making all of this possible. we’re going to take you through our trip with us and tell you about what we did each day. Hope you enjoy reading! xoxo

day 1

The first day was of course full of unpacking and settling in, we got to our hotel and pretty much just got all of our things together, we stayed in the Sheraton Grand, which is in downtown LA, we loved this little area of LA and will definitely be back. After we all got unpacked we walked around our hotel just to get a feel for it and see what was close by, then later that night we headed to dinner. We went out to eat at a nearby indian restaurant called Badmaash, neither of us have ever had Indian food before so it was definitely interesting to try it! Then after dinner we headed to bed to get ready for the next day.

day 2

This was our first day of meetings so we were really excited. We first stopped by a place called Bollare, everyone there was so so sweet and it was so fun to get to meet the people who worked there, they were nice enough to gift us some of the prettiest dresses and jumpsuits and we loved them so much! After we stopped by Bollare we took some photos around West Hollywood & then went out to eat, we went to urth caffe, which is by far our favorite restaurant in california, we literally went there every single day we were there, they have so many options and they also have plant based options if you are vegan/vegetarian, so it’s just a super great place to be. When lunch was over we headed over to Michele Marie, this place was so adorable on the inside and they had the most beautiful clothes. Everyone we met there was so sweet and we picked up some of the prettiest jewelry from them, we are so glad they had us come in. After stopping by, we headed over to LACMA where we finally got to see the urban lights, this was such a great experience because we have always seen pictures of them, but getting to see them in person was so beautiful. After stopping by the museum, we spent the rest of the day walking around and stopping by every shop on Melrose Avenue, we also went to Alfred Coffee and got some of the best coffee! overall this day was probably one of our favorites.

day 3

The next day we started off the day at the Underarmour x Gloveworks class! we normally just run for working out but this was a whole new twist, it was more of a boxing style class, so it was a fun change from what were used to. We are so glad they had us come in for the class, it was super intense but we loved how different it was! After the class we headed over to Factorypr, this place was set up so beautifully and they had some of the best brands like, American Apparel, Rebag, Brandless, Kora Organics and so much more. We were so in love with all the pretty clothing & beauty this place had, and everyone who works there was so sweet and welcoming! After we stopped by Factorypr, we were off to the last meeting of the day which was with PMK, we met all the lovely people who worked at PMK and got to talk with them on all the brands they represent and work with. Everyone there was so wonderful and really let out a good understanding of what they do, it was the perfect way to end the busy day. After  all of our meetings were done we walked around The Grove, if you have never been here it’s just a really fun place to eat, shop or walk around. We shopped around for a little bit then went off to dinner, we ate dinner at one of our favorite plant based restaurants, Cafe Gratitude! this place is set up so pretty and we absolutely love the food there & definitely recommend it if you are vegan/vegetarian.

day 4

Our trip was coming to and so we were all kind of sad but we did so many exciting things this day which for sure made up for it! First thing that morning we stopped by Media Playground. This place has a very fun vibe to it and literally every single piece of clothing was the prettiest thing, each of their brands had a story to them, like being handmade or made of recyclable things, so we were so grateful to be able to take some of those pieces back with us. Everyone who helped us out there were so kind and loving it was just such a great experience and we are so excited that they had us there. After we left Media Playground we went over to the A-List, the A-List has so many well known and beautiful brands, like Madewell, Loft, Rothys, Underarmour, and one of our personal favorites, Outdoor Voices. Everyone at the A-List was so wonderful, they let us pick different items from each brand and were so welcoming and sweet when we walked in. We also loved all of the things we got and were so excited to wear them! This was our last showroom on this trip and it was definitely a great way to end it, the next and last stop this day was the Griffith Observatory, which is a huge Observatory in LA, when we walked to the top we could see all of LA, it was such a pretty view, you could see all of the city, the Hollywood sign, and all of the hills it was such a beautiful experience. There was so much green and the skies were so clear that you could literally see everything!

day 5

This was our official last day of the trip, we spent this day relaxing and saying goodbye to LA. We started our day at a surfing lesson and this is something we have always wanted to learn how to do so this was actually so much fun, we took a class with instructors from Aqua Surf, they were literally the best, if you ever are in LA and want to take surfing lessons, they really teach so well. We all got to go into the water a few times and we all stood up on the board, even if it was just for a second, overall it was such a cool experience and we always talk about wanting to take surfing lessons, but have never actually took a class, so we definitely loved it a lot. After the class was over we walked around Santa Monica and relaxed at the beach, it was a great way to spend our last day. The last place we went this day was, the American Horror Story house, this was the house they actually filmed the show at for season 1, so this was so cool to see in person, we were so so excited, we took lots of pictures in front of the house and walked the neighborhood for a little bit, it was such a lovely way to end the day. We had such a great time on this trip and will for sure be back in LA soon!

Thank you guys for reading, we hope you enjoyed this post and we are so so thankful to all of the brands and places that has us come in this week and we hope to be back in LA very soon, again thank you all for reading! xoxo


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