Festival Hair With Pantene

*this is a sponsored post in collaboration with Pantene. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Hello friends, as you all know it’s finally festival season time, which is so fun and exciting but with that comes hot & dry weather, which is extremely harsh on our hair. As the official sponsor of Coachella, Stagecoach & Firefly, Pantene has created the perfect kit for repairing our hair during this season! 

Pantene’s Festival Hair Kit comes with five perfect hair essentials for this festival season & we want to share with you guys how we use all of these to keep our hair in check. Also, it is the perfect size for traveling so we can literally bring it anywhere with us – especially to use before, during and after music festivals!

The first item in the kit that we love, and its perfect for getting ready before and during the festival weekend, is the Dry Shampoo, which leaves our hair so full and fluffy even after being out for hours in the heat. It leaves our hair so clean-looking and is such a helpful product to have on-the-go. Also, it’s so easy to use, you just spray it on the roots of your hair and massage in with your fingertips, it leaves our hair feeling so refreshed before and after styling it!

The next product, and also one of our favorites, is the On-The-Go Frizz Iron, this is so perfect for not adding any additional heat damage to our hair, it works just like a flat iron but with no heat. To use this, all you have to do is glide it over a section of hair that you can’t seem to tame and it instantly leaves hair more smooth and shiny! We are so in love with this product, especially being on-the-go and un-able to stop and fix our hair at any time.

Before the festival and after styling our hair, we love to use Pantene’s Airspray (alcohol-free hairspray), this is great for holding our hair in place with-out making it super crunchy or sticky feeling. It is so easy to brush through, keeps out humidity and adds such a lovely shine to our hair. This is something that is also so easy to bring along and use throughout the day, we love this for touching up our hairstyles and bringing the finished look together!

Lastly, when the festival weekend is over, Pantene’s Nourishing Mask & Intense Rescue Shots are the absolute best for bringing our hair back to life! We love using the Nourishing Mask for a boost of hydration to our dried out hair, this mask works by placing a small amount in your hand and combing it through your hair, while in the shower and after washing your hair, then, after it is applied, leave it on for 5-7 minutes then rinse! This makes our hair feel so so much stronger and healthier! The Intense Rescue Shots are an amazing boost of nourishment to our hair, perfect for when our is just feeling extremely damaged from the day. On damp hair, after shampooing, massage the Intense Rescue Shots into your hair from root to tip & apply to areas that seem to have the most damage. Leave it in for 30 seconds and rinse for 30 seconds. We absolutely love the way this makes our hair feel and is our favorite way to repair our hair at the end of the day!

We hope you guys enjoyed this post, we had so much fun using the Pantene Festival Hair Kit and it’s so perfect for the whole festival experience. Go to your local Kroger to pick up your own Pantene Festival Hair Kit!



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