getting ready with beauty counter!

Hello friends, we have recently been gifted some skin & makeup products from one of our favorite brands, Beauty Counter! We have been looking for some new products that are good for your skin, meaning they don’t have harsh ingredients in them, and found this brand is perfect for just that. We want to share some of our favorite products with you & what we use each of them for. Hope you enjoy! Xoxo

The first product we wanted to share with you is the No.1 Brightening Facial Oil, this is what we apply before we moistureize. This oil helps so much with waking up our skin and making it so soft! Its a super lightweight oil so it doesn’t make our skin feel too oily or heavy. Also, it smells like oranges which we are in love with!

Next, we wanted to share one of our new favorite moisturizers, the Countermatch Adaptive Moisture Lotion, which keeps our skin feeling so hydrated throughout the day. This moisturizer has made such a difference in our skins texture and has made it feel so much healthier.

Now, its time for makeup! First we want to share with you the Volumizing Mascara, this mascara goes on so smooth and keeps our lashes free from clumping or smudging. This mascara is also made from plant derived ingredients like carnauba wax & rice bran wax which is so much less harmful to our lashes, also its extremely easy to remove!

Next, we want to tell you about our absolute favorite blush we have ever used, the Color Pinch Cream Blusher is seriously our favorite thing, our favorite color is Hibiscus. This cream blush looks so natural and gives the prettiest pop of pink color to our cheeks, this blush also hydrates skin with carnauba wax and jojoba esters, which keeps our skin looking healthy. Its even easy to take in a purse or bag for on the go!

For our eyebrows we have been using the Brilliant Brow Gel, we always bring this along on photoshoots because it is so easy to take on the go! This comes in so many different shades to fit your brow color perfectly! We have been using the shade Neutral Deep Brown, and love it so much for giving a natural tint to our eyebrows! Also this brow gel is made with plant based waxes & butters for a smooth application.

The Color Intense Lipstick comes in eight of the most gorgeous pink & red colors, which makes it so hard to pick just one, but our favorite at the moment is Garden Party-Bright Pink! It keeps our lips so soft & keeps them from drying out, which is our favorite part about it! Also it tastes like peppermint which we are obsessed with!

The next thing we want to share is, the Velvet Eyeshadow Palette-Classic, we are always having trouble finding natural but noticeable eyeshadows, but this palette pulled it off pretty much perfectly! It has the most beautiful color palette and has the most smooth consistency, which blends so well. It is also formulated with butter powder which boost pigment so the color is long lasting!

To set our makeup, we use the Mattifying Powder, which we are in love with for giving our skin an overall clean & natural look. This powder works so well at absorbing shine!

Lastly, to remove our makeup we use the Cleansing Balm, this is another one of our favorite things, it hydrates skin with nutrient rich raspberry & cranberry seed oils, also it promotes a bright complexion with vitamin C. This cleansing balm can also be used a daily cleanser & a nourishing overnight mask! We are so in love with the Cleansing Balm and all of the different ways it can be used to benefit skin!


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