Made By Mary

Hello friends, happy Wednesday, we just recently got the chance to have a photoshoot for one of our favorite jewelry brands, Made By Mary. They have the most beautiful jewelry, all of their jewelry is handmade which is something we think is so special because not many companies do that anymore! Each piece of their jewelry is made to help tell a story, whether it is a good moment or a harder one that you don’t want to forget about that is meaningful and close to you. Each piece of their jewelry is made special and just for you, no matter what its for, we both support this brand one hundred percent and love everything they stand for, they are seriously so amazing! We want to share some of our favorite pieces we got from them recently, and hope you love them as much as we do!

dew drop gemstone necklace

petal gemstone necklace

lace choker

rainbow ring

poppy ring

esta ring

knot ring

heart stacking ring




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