Cruise 2019

Hello friends, we went on a cruise with our family at the end of August and just haven’t got around to sharing all of our photos with you yet! We seriously went to the most beautiful places and had the best time. We got to explore the most wonderful beaches and swim in the prettiest clear water. There was just something so sweet about each place, all of the green palm trees & bright blue water made everything seem so colorful and full of life, we had such an amazing time and can’t wait to go back! We wanted to share with you today all of the pictures we took at each destination, we hope you love them! ◡̈ Xoxo

Day 1 // Day at Sea

Day 2 // Day at Sea

Day 3 // Day at Sea

Day 4 // Montego Bay

Day 5 // Grand Cayman

Day 6 // Cozumel

Day 7 // Day at Sea


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