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Hello friends, lately we have been loving the idea of wellness, wellness means being in an active process of becoming aware and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life, which is so important for change and growth throughout life! Today we are so excited to share American Eagle’s new self-care collection,  all of the products in this collection are cruelty-free and infused with hemp-based CBD, which is short for cannabidiol, which is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid derived from hemp known for its beneficial wellness properties! We are so excited about this self-care line and we want to share with you about all of our favorite products and how we use them! Xoxo 


The first set of products we want to share with you is the MOOD REFRESHED collection, all of these products have a cool coconut scent, which smells so good and definitely has a refreshing feel. This collection helps us to feel more awake on days were feeling a little slow, and all of the products are great for using throughout the day! 

The first product from this collection, that we have been using daily is the CBD-infused foaming face wash, this face wash works wonders for helping our faces feel refreshed in the morning, its so light and soft! Also can not get over how good it smells!

The next product, is the CBD-infused face oil, this face oil  has become part of our daily routine as well. Its not heavy feeling like some face oils and leaves our skin feeling so smooth and smelling like coconuts all day! We have been putting this in our bag when we leave the house and will re-apply it throughout the day, it works wonderful for a moisturizing boost to ur skin!

The last product we are sharing from this collection is the CBD-infused lip balm. Again, this is another great product to have on-the-go! With winter coming up, we always are in need of a good lip balm, and this one is perfect for a soothing and refreshing feeling to dry lips! 


The next set of wellness products we are so excited to share is the MOOD ZZZ collection . These are for sure one of our favorite collections, they have a soft lavender smell which smells AMAZING! These we love using when we are feeling alert or restless, they create such a calming feeling!

The first product we want to share is the relaxing pillow mist. If we could have a lifetime supply of anything, it would be this pillow mist! It smells so good and is our favorite thing to use before bed! We spray this mist on our pillows before we go to sleep, and it seriously helps our minds feel so much more calm and at ease. 

The other product we are in love with from this collection is the CBD-infused bath soak,  we love using this bath soak in a hot bath after a long day, its perfect for unwinding! Also lavender is one of our favorite smells which makes this even better!


Next, we want to share the MOOD SOOTHED collection! the products from this collection are made to create a soothing feeling, like when feeling overworked or stressed. All of the products from this collection have a fresh eucalyptus scent, which we are in love with. These products also help us to reset at the end of a long day and feel recharged!

The first product we are excited to share with you is the CBD-infused hand cream,  this is another great product to take on the go! It keeps our hands from drying out and is so easy to take with us places! Also, we love having this one next to use when we sleep to use if our hands get dry in the middle of the night!

Next, we want to share the CBD-infused body cream, this body cream is so great for using after the shower to moisturize. It also has such a fresh scent, which makes your skin feel like its breathing! this body cream also keeps our skin so moisturized through the day or night!

The last product of the MOOD SOOTHED collection we have been loving is the CBD-infused sugar scrub. This sugar scrub is one of our new favorites for the shower or bath, it is such a great exfoliator and leaves our skin feeling so soft! This sugar scrub is also perfect for leaving us with a fresh scent and relaxed feeling, especially after a hard day!


The last collection we want to share is the MOOD ENERGIZED collection. The products from this collection are meant to create and energized and awaken feeling, who wouldn’t love that? Also all of these products have a mandarin nectar scent, which smells so so sweet, just like oranges! These products are a great pick-me-up through the day! 

The product from this collection we have been in love with is the CBD-infused lip salve,  this lip salve is amazing for a hydrating boost to our lips when they need it! Also, can not stress enough how great it smells and it definitely creates and energized boost! We have been bringing this one everywhere as well and use it so much, it has such a bright feel!


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