saalt period care

Hello friends, today we are so excited to share with you one of our new favorite period care products, sustainability and health are both something we are always working toward, Saalt is a company that gives women and girls a healthier way to care for their periods. Saalt simplifies period care for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, which is something we absolutely love about them. Saalt has so many wonderful benefits to the environment as well, each cup is made of medical-grade silicone, is toxin free, can last up to 10 years & one Saalt cup has a 3-4 tampon capacity, which is so much less wasteful! Also Saalt donates 2% of their revenue to period care & help fund education & sustainability, which seriously makes our hearts so full! We have absolutely been loving our Saalt cups, we both love running & yoga, these cups are so unbelievably comfortable and we could not feel more happy with them. Saalt also has a soft menstrual cup for women with bladder sensitivity, cramping or discomfort, which we are so excited about! Also something that is so amazing about this company, & also something that is super close to our hearts, is the chance Saalt gives young women to feel confident in school. we were reading more on why these cups are so beneficial and learned that 300 million girls worldwide will use clothing scraps, banana leaves, paper from books, or even soil to manage their periods which is not ideal for anyone, this causes women to miss school and even drop out and miss their chance for a good education. we are so overjoyed that Saalt creates safe products to keep them in school and boost their confidence! Overall this is one of our favorite companies and we support them on everything they stand for because it is truly so wonderful! We provided a link to show you all of the amazing impacts Saalt has on period care around the world, please give it a read because it is seriously one of the best things! ◡̈


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