hello friends, happy new year, this post is a little late but we wanted to wish you the most wonderful 2020! This has been one of the hardest but best years, with all of the anxiety, challenges, good times and not so good times, it has managed to be a great year. ◡̈   some important things we learned this year: giving others compliments is always worth it, even if its on a small detail, I promise it can make their day, the beach is the best place to be, buying a 30 pack of scrunchies from amazon every month is 100% necessary, they will get lost every time trust me,  having those “not so great days” will really help you take in & appreciate the better days, surround yourself with people who make you smile each and every day ◡̈ , don’t worry about what’s ahead, keep moving forward each day & watch it unfold, learn to say “no” if there’s something you don’t want to do, you absolutely can not please everyone, & lastly remember that all of the harder times you are going through are to help you take on what’s ahead, this is something that if you put forward in every day, it won’t make all of the less enjoyable moments seem so bad! ◡̈ reminding you this year to do what brings you the most joy, happy 2020. ◡̈ 

also wanted to share a few highlights from this year

California in January with our family, we do this trip pretty much every year & its always the best!

Back to California in April with our pal Spencer ◡̈ 

Going to broken bow Oklahoma in June & again in July, one of our fav places to go in the summertime, all of the green is the best

Toronto in September for TIFF ◡̈ 

Going on a cruise with our family in September, again one of our favorite trips to take every year, we went to The Grand Cayman, Cozumel, & Montego Bay! ◡̈ 

Back to Broken Bow in the fall, absolutely love all of the lovely fall colors!

& to end the year we took a trip to Colorado, it was seriously one of the most beautiful places in the winter, all of the snow & pine trees, it felt like we were in a movie! ◡̈ 

Wishing you the best year yet, happy 2020!


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