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Hello friends, we were recently gifted some of the most lovely stying tools from T3 Micro & wanted to share our favorites and how we use them to style our hair.◡̈ 

 the first tool we want to share is the volume 2.5 round hairbrush, this hairbrush is definitely one of our new favorite styling tools. ◡̈ we use this brush & dry our hair at the same time and it helps so much with creating a lovely volume boost to our hair, which we love so much, it also always leaves our hair super shiny & smooth, its the best. ◡̈

 the next tool we are so excited about, the whirl trio, which is a styling wand with three interchangeable barrels, how cool is that?! ◡̈ our favorite barrel is the 1.5″ straight barrel, this one creates the most lovely loose waves, which almost give a beachy vibe, they are so soft and beautiful! also, these curls hold so well throughout the day so we never have to worry about our hair when we are out!◡̈

 & the last tool we want to share with you is the cure luxe hair dryer, this hair dryer is probably one of the most useful tools we have ever owned! this dryer has five heat settings to control the temperature that you decide to dry your hair at, this is so much fun because it can really be for anyone! one of our favorite features of this hair dryer is for sure the volume booster switch, especially because our hair is naturally super flat, also who doesn’t love a little extra volume? ◡̈ this feature leaves our hair feeling & looking so full, its wonderful! ◡̈  & the last feature of this hair dryer that we really love is the auto pause sensor which automatically pauses the airflow when you put it down, we have never seen this on a hairdryer & seriously didn’t know how helpful it was until now, we absolutely love this feature!

overall T3 Micro is one of our favorite companies for styling tools, they are so much fun! we hope you enjoyed this post on some of our favorite products & what we use them for, happy styling! ◡̈ 

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